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5 Second Rule Mini Game Instructions

5 Second Rule Mini Game InstructionsIt has come to our attention that a number of the 5 Second Rule MINI Games include the incorrect instructions.

The instructions included in the game are for the 5 Second Rule Jr. Game. The Mini Game does not include a board or playing pieces, your box should contain Question Cards and a timer.

Please click here to download the correct instructions in order for you to enjoy playing the game.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this error may have caused. If you require any further information, please contact –

5 Second Rule wins Board Game Award

We are delighted to announce face-paced family board game – 5 Second Rule has won Gold for Best Board Game in the Loved By Parent Awards! Thank you for your votes.

The Loved by Parents Award means a great deal here at University Games because they’re chosen by you, our customers, and we’re thrilled our board games are being enjoyed so much!

Mini games for everyone everywhere

Perfect for dinner parties, holidays, parks and on your travels.

mini games '13

Choose from the ‘Pointless Travel’ game – based on the popular BBC1 quiz show hosted by Alexander Armstrong where the most obscure answer is the best answer (10+)

And if you want to find out the ‘Smart Ass Card Game’ , then this is the game for you (12+)

Or think you can outwit family and friends, then the award-winning ‘Sort it Out!’ is the game for you (8+) Whatever age,

you won’t be able to resist the classic ‘Spot the Difference’ game testing your speed of observation and detection (8+)

Children can practise their rhyming words with the adorable ‘Gruffalo Word Rhyming Game’ game (4+)

Or revolt your mates with the ‘Totally Gross’ science questions (8+) A game for everyone to enjoy!

Pointless, A fun and exciting game for all the family

Antonia Alexander from “LUX Gift’s” reviews ‘Pointless’ and explains some of her reasons why shePointless_pic2 loves the game; “you not only have to think about the correct answers but also have to think about what answers not many people would have said. This makes it much trickier, as well as much funnier.”

With Pointless’ viewing figures increasing all the time and the game’s sales continuing to rise we hope many more people will play and enjoy the ‘Pointless’ board game.


The Mail on Sunday’s “10 Most Popular Board Game’s”

Pointless, 5sr and Smart AssUniversity Games continues to show its strength in creating great, fun board games. 3 of the Mail on Sunday’s “10 Most Popular Board Game’s” come from University Games family board games range.

The Mail highlights the Successful games ‘Pointless’, The incredibly popular BBC 1 TV Show, ‘Smart Ass’, Where you find out who the “Smart Ass” is in your family and ‘5 Second Rule’, The game of quick thinking and fast talking, as the most popular games to play.

Winning a Hat trick with ‘Best New Toy’ 2013

DontRocktheBoat_pic2This year University Games has won a ‘Best New Toy Award’ for ‘Don’t Rock the Boat’, the fun balancing game to keep all the pirate penguins on the boat, this is the 3rd year in a row University Games have won a ‘Best New Toy’ Award.

In 2012 University Games won a ‘Best New Toy’ Award with ‘Poppin Hoppies’; The classic game of Crazy Poppin Fun, a great children’s game, currently available in Amazon, Smyths and the Entertainer.

In 2011 University Games won a “Best New Toy” for ‘5 Second Rule’; The fast-paced quiz game where times not on your side, with only 5 seconds people say whatever comes to mind and ridiculous answers slip out! ‘5 Second Rule’ is currently available in Amazon, Tesco’s and Smyths

Mini Games range grows, ‘Spot the Difference’

University Games has a varied and high quality range of Mini and Travel Games including Spot the Differenceconsumer favourites ‘Smart Ass Mini‘, ‘Sort it Out Mini‘ and ‘Pointless Travel‘.

In Autumn 2013 we will be expanding our range to include new games such as, ‘Spot the Difference‘; the game designed to test your observation and detection skills, try one of our 80 challenges to see if you can ‘Spot the Difference‘.

The Game you can take anywhere!

‘Turncoat’ Launches

Turncoat_pic1Turncoat‘, University Games new strategy game is launched.

Can you come up with a strategy to beat your opponent and with 245,760 board combinations can you do it again. Get 4 pieces in a row, seems simple, however as pieces are placed on the board, Hidden magnets determine what colour your piece will be and if the winning space gives players four-in-a-row or blocks them.

Turncoat‘ only takes seconds to learn but kids, parents and grandparents will spend hours trying to outsmart one another.

Take your turn on University Games new strategy game, ‘Turncoat‘!