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The solution to “the dreaded long distance journey”

SortitOut_pic2Primary Times, the “Magazine for parents, pupils and teachers in the primary school sector across the UK and Ireland.”

Talk about one the common Issues of family life, the dreaded Long distance journey. “University Games have found a solution with their handy travel games, which will keep the whole family occupied for hours. With ‘Sort it out Mini’ and ‘Gruffalo Word Rhyming Game’.

‘Sort it out!’ “Fast-paced and enormous fun”

See ‘Sort it out!’ Reviewed in the Family Fun Guide; the grownups guide to what kids like.SortitOut_pic2

“questions covering entertainment, general knowledge, history, geography and the downright bizarre (what takes the longest – an adult male urinating, or the shower scene in Psycho?), no one player can possibly have the edge throughout the game, so the winner is generally the person with either the most logic, or the biggest mine of pointless information… Or, possibly, the greatest luck. Fast-paced and enormous fun, ‘Sort it out!’ proves that simplicity is often the key to quality entertainment.”

‘Poppin Hoppies’ “addictive for all the family, old or young”

In a review by Rhiannon from her blog Mummy Wants; a blog all about her and her children’s lives01376_PH_Yellow_Hoppie and her honest reviews of things they have seen and done along the way, Poppin Hoppies “the girls just love it”.

“I love how simple this game is, no batteries needed (massive plus) and it has wonderfully simple game play for younger children to understand. If nothing else the excitement and suspense it creates is addictive for all the family, old or young”