Winning a Hat trick with ‘Best New Toy’ 2013

DontRocktheBoat_pic2This year University Games has won a ‘Best New Toy Award’ for ‘Don’t Rock the Boat’, the fun balancing game to keep all the pirate penguins on the boat, this is the 3rd year in a row University Games have won a ‘Best New Toy’ Award.

In 2012 University Games won a ‘Best New Toy’ Award with ‘Poppin Hoppies’; The classic game of Crazy Poppin Fun, a great children’s game, currently available in Amazon, Smyths and the Entertainer.

In 2011 University Games won a “Best New Toy” for ‘5 Second Rule’; The fast-paced quiz game where times not on your side, with only 5 seconds people say whatever comes to mind and ridiculous answers slip out! ‘5 Second Rule’ is currently available in Amazon, Tesco’s and Smyths